Om Ekdantay Electrical undertakes specialized services in Electrical engineering.

You can concentrate on your main business area while outsourcing the rest of the electrical work to an expert in Om Ekdantay Electrical. We can undertake Electrical Maintenance Work, Genset Inspection and Assembly, Genset panel eraction and commissioning, L.T. structure repair work under Annual Maitenance Contract.

Our Engineers always keep important aspects in mind...

While undertaking any services our engineers will follow a technically proven protocols to give you best results. For an instance, following are various aspects considered while providing any services related to Generators.

Design Criteria
All material and equipment shall comply with relevant European and USA standards including IEC and BS specifications as regards quality of materials,performance and proving tests.

Climatic Condition

All equipment shall be suitable for operation in the climatic environment. Typical summer ambient temperatures rise to 55 degrees C.
The following documents should be provided: Complete technical specification.


A General:- Each Generator/alternator set shall be of rugged reliable design and built for long trouble free service under the worst specified climatic conditions and made by a reputable manufacturer.

Following Specialized Services...


  1. Electrical Maintenance
  2. Genets Inspection
  3. Genset Assembly
  4. Genset Panel Erection
  5. Genset Commissioning
  6. Annual Maintenance
  7. L.T. and L.T Structure Repair


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