"We are committed towards delivering Quality Through Our dedication in Process of
Manufacturing of Electrical Products & Design ,Consultation, Execution of Turn-Key
Electrical Installation."
Mr. A.D.Jagtap, Proprietor.

• Provide products and services which meet customer needs and expectations:
	o	Manufacture products which meet customer specifications.
	o	Strive to meet customer's target values. 
	o	Monitor customer satisfaction. 
•Deliver on-time. 
	o	Ship on the date required by the customer. 
	o	Monitor on-time delivery performance. 
•Reduce all costs to the lowest possible level. 
	o	Establish Cost Reduction Programs. 
	o	Monitor the Cost of Quality 

To meet our commitment, we must:
1. 	Promote a team approach to defect prevention and  problem solving. 
2. 	Emphasize appropriate training for all employees. 
3. 	Recognize each employee's responsibility for quality. 
4. 	Empower employees to question processes which appear 
              to produce discrepancies. 
5. 	Treat fellow employees as both customers and suppliers. 
6. 	Acknowledge employee's self-improvements and contributions 
              to the company. 
7.   	Maintain the Quality Department as a partner with Purchasing. 
8. 	 Exchange expertise with suppliers. 
9. 	Use only Selected, Approved, Preferred or Certified suppliers. 
10. 	Receive raw materials and outside processed parts only when  
              accompanied by appropriate certifications and inspection documentation. 
11.	Accept only conforming products and services from suppliers. 
12.	Elicit written corrective actions from suppliers. 
13.	Keep the Quality Department independent of, but a partner with, Manufacturing. 
14.	Reduce waste and inefficiency wherever found. 
15.	Seek out technologies for assuring error-free work. 
16.	Continue to implement statistical approaches to reduce variation. 
17.	Draw on customer's expertise in various areas. 
18.	Strive for complete understanding of our customers' application requirements. 
19.	Provide customers with written corrective actions. 
20.	Earn customer recognition of our quality progress. 
21.	Develop and achieve Quality Improvement Goals. 
22.	Practice good housekeeping. 
23.	Never compromise safety.
24.	Review and renew this Quality Policy on a regular basis.