Sales Representative for Greaves Cotton Ltd.

In field of Power Solution delivering areas we are engaged in sales, resale of diesel generating set of Greaves, Kirloskar and Cummins make. We are offered as "Sales Representative for Greaves Cotton Ltd". It is focused on the definition, design, manufacturing, marketing sales delivery and customer service aspect of power conserving devices and value added power related components.

Om Ekdantay Electrical makes all types of control panels, Test Rings and many other utlity products. We are specialized in D. G. SET Control Panel such as AMF, SRCP, PRCP, Auto load Sharing Panel and serve you different type of special purpose panel also.

Detail Engineering Scenario Of Our Company :

Our Experts provide strong customer support in Electrical Engineering :
Since last few decades company work for continuous customer support for their technical assistance in the field of electrical detail engineering. We work on the basis of equipment load list and your specifications to generate single line diagrams, specifications for electrical switchgear and equipment like transformers, motor control centers (MCC), transformers, breakers, starters etc.