In field of Power Solution delivering areas we are engaged in sales, resale of diesel generating set of Greaves, Kirloskar and Cummins make. We are offered as "Sales Representative for Greaves Cotton Ltd". It is focused on the definition, design, manufacturing, marketing sales delivery and customer service aspect of power conserving devices and value added power related components.

We are team of professional with wide experience in sales and support of electromechanical products specialized in the field of sales installation, commissioning preventive, maintained, serving and overhauling of Generator Power Set. We have managed to position ourself in this highly competitive field by giving priority to quality and after sales services above everything else . Commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by persuil of excellence in all aspect with high technical skills, Communication and term work. This helps us to reduce delays in delivering and provides high demands.

Greaves D4 Series Diesel Engines
     Greaves DL4 Series Diesel Engines
Greaves D2 Series Diesel Engines     Greaves Engines

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