Mr. Ashok D. Jagtap, PARTNER

"Experience 30 years in Electrical Industry having valid I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T. and Certificates. Key Driving force for successful running of organization devoted to Quality of job work and system implementation."

Mr. Amol A. Jagtap, PARTNER

"Expertise in Market Leads and Communication with industry a very span of 6 years experience in generating marketing leads and maintaining good relation with client moreover, sole responsible for business promotion and lead ideas for Infrastructural Development"

Mr. Madhukar Mane, Supervisor

"Lead Initiative person for Design Development and project execution with experience 3 years in electrical contracting industry. He is sole responsible for entire project Design and execution."

Mr. Dattatray Pingale, Accountant

"Key person responsible for maintaining business Finance issues and Banking activities monthly devoted for administration activity as well as in enthusiastic. Person for handling all commercial activity since last 1 year"

Mr. Nikhil Kale, Project Engineer

"Young, Dynamic key person for assisting project activity, Design and execution."                                                                                                                            

Mr. Vinod Shekade, Marketing Executive

"Key person responsible for developing client relationships. Helps to contribute to the strategic planning of an annual or long term marketing plan to drive forward agreed company objectives. "

Mr. Rabi Pradhan, Marketing Executive

" Key support for building and maintaining contacts with suppliers & customers along with after sales technical support. To arrange for the effective distribution of marketing materials To carry out market research and customer surveys to assess demand, brand positioning and awareness. "

Mr.Gaurav Gawli

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