Detail Engineering Scenario Of Our Company :
We have our Experince team for Continious customer support in electrical engineering :
Since last few decades company work for continuous customer support for their technical assistance in the field of electrical detail engineering. We work on the basis of equipment load list and your specifications to generate single line diagrams, specifications for electrical switchgear and equipment like transformers, motor control centers (MCC), transformers, breakers, starters etc.
We can undertake detail design of the MCC and prepare component specifications and wiring diagrams; design the power and control cables; prepare the cable layout as per your equipment and plant layout, cable tray and supporting structure layout and details. We can take over detailing of your designs or undertake design as per your basic data right from the incomer till the final equipment.
On the basis of your specifications of the plot plan and floor layout, , our engineers can design the illumination system. If your system design is available, we can undertake detailing thereof which includes preparing the cable layout and cable schedule, material take-off and wiring diagrams.
Similarly, we can make earthing system layout, detail out the components, and provide drawings for laying out the earthing strips, earthing pits, interconnection diagrams, lightning protection system. Most projects involve in-plant communication systems, public address systems and based on your specifications; we can undertake detailing of these including execution drawings for site work.
Detailed Engineering Services :
1. Project Planning ,Scheduling and Approximate Cost Estimates. Analysis Report
2. Detailed Data Sheets and Specifications for Plant and Equipment like Generator , Transformers & other Power equiptment. etc.
3. Detailed Data Sheets and Specifications for Rotating Equipments like Centrifugal Pumps, Reciprocating Pumps, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Gas Compressors, Gas Turbine-Generators, Steam Turbine- Generators, Diesel Engine- Generators etc.
4. Calculation of Electrical Load (Normal and Emergency). And preparation Of Load Cycles and Load list data .
5. Preparation of Single Line Diagrams And detail drawing for for High Tension and Low Tension Power Distribution. i.e. Motor control center ,power distribution panel etc.
6. Estimation of plant lighting load and other utility load .
7. Design and Detailed Specifications for Fire Hydrant System and other Fire Protection Equipments.
8. Preparation of supplementary specifications data for Electrical Equipments like Transformers, Switchgear ( H. T. & L. T.), Cables, Lighting fittings etc.
9. LT/HT cable specification preparation.
10. Facility power systems, switchgear and lighting.
11. Cable routing and length calculation.
12. Earthing and lightning protection systems
13. Fire alarm system.
14. Pump/Motor sizing, specification and calculation preparation.
15. Detailed Specifications for Instruments and Control Systems.
16. Procurement assistance to client i.e. Floating the Enquiries to selected Bidders, Receiving Bids, Bid Analysis (Technical and Commercial), Preparation of Purchase Recommendation, Preparation of Contract Documents, Review of Vendors’ Drawings etc.
17. Technical Assistance to meet Statutory Requirements.

Our engineers have considerable experience with basic and detail engineering of control schemes for modern industrial plants and on the basis of your equipment layout and process interlock requirement, detail out the control systems including various local and remote sensing devices, feedback instrumentation and the control panel including wiring diagrams and field cable layout.